Monday, September 15, 2014

Ways to Buy Everyday Foods Cheaper

Netgrocer Specials

Hi everyone, I hope your week is filled with all kinds of opportunities to get a head in life! Now, I happened to be seeking some new ways to keep my pockets lined with money so my family can live well within our means and I came across some ideas and websites that may help you stretch dollars too. You may find shopping online may:
1.Avoid sales taxes- some websites only charge taxes to shipping addresses in their state.
2.Buy bulk- Amazon and some other sites offer bulk 2 or more items
3.Odd online food stores- may offer yummy stuff that is comparable to products you use daily

* Some websites do charge for shipping so be aware of the final cost when comparing online grocery shopping and a local site

The grocery stores don't have a huge mark up percentage, but closeouts, discontinued and wholesale items have great mark deals. If you aren't looking into business dealings in terms of opening a small store or retail site- then you are just looking to stock your shelves at home. Try Prima Foods for example if you like imported foods and condiments that are hard to find at a typical supermarket- then a store like this will be great for stocking up on those items.  Another site I found interesting for food items is Famous Foods. I like this online store because they offer products that are usually found in New England- stuff I grew up on. Everyone knows Amazon has some very good bulk buying products, things we all use at home everyday. Sometimes, you just don't want 12 of anything- that is when I like to check out sites like Prima or dollar days. For meats and organics, Amazon is good, but try as well. Moms trying to make a buck stretch super far-won't go to netgrocer but might try Amazon. It really does depend what you need. For a family of two adults( like myself and my husband) either site works. I like Prima Foods because well, I really go gaga over ethnic or import foods, blame that on my multicultural heritage!

TRY Salvage stores- google them in your state, take a once a month drive if there is one too far to go weekly- SAVE!

If you really want to go big and you have a few thousand bucks laying around unused think about opening a small store at a local site in which you can pay rent(under 400.00 per month or less!) and stock the shelves with unique food items or fun food items that work all year round. You buy these foods by the pallet and sell them to the public- not much difference that what any grocer or food store does- but here is the twist.. you can stock up on some of those goodies for your own family- and it's totally A- OK. Just include it all at tax time. Do plenty of research on the types of products you need, price check and evaluate the quality, cost and need before you jump in. Have you bought food for your family at Big Lots, flea markets or ebay? How did you like it? Share your experiences with others in comments or google+ it!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

4 Natural Ways to Speed Up Skin Healing

Going about it more naturally

You've notice it  but simply dismiss it as quickly as you found it because, you think it's an "everyday" pimple.  A few weeks later and you happen to notice the pimple has grown and seems more irritated than it was the last time you noticed it.  What do you do?  I bet you quickly dial the primary care docs office.  Let's face it, treatment means after- the- fact. How about a cure? This weird and wonderful world needs more prevention than cures, but I'll take a remedy any time that makes me feel better quicker!  Here are a few natural ways to  help heal the skin and soothe the mind(because lets face it-  the term MRSA sounds scarey).

1. Tumeric- topically or internally it can aide to reduce inflamatory and antioxident. 
2. Collodial Silver- sublingual or diluted in filtered water( follow directions on bottle)
3. Theraputic Clay- contains calcium montmorillonite is magnesium rich 
4. Olive Leaf-is an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory that may be loose leafed,tintured or capsule form.

That's a wrap..

A poultice can be made of ground tumeric or, theraputic clay. Use a gauze to secure the ingredients of the poultice in place. Changing the poultice every few hours. The theraputic clay will stay active for no more than 45 minutes to 60 minutes.If you choose to go the tradtional route of taking antibiotics to treat skin ailments then you should consult a doctor as to using silver with prescribed medicine. However you should be able to use a poultice of tumeric or clay as you wish. For more on the method of using herbs to heal skin ailments-consulting an herbalist is a good idea.
Lastly, go alkaline. eat your veggies + fruits often as in daily at every meal. Seriously, I have been reading up a bunch on it. I pains me to think back on my mother passing away from cancer over 10 years ago- it haunts me. I wish I had realized more information back then on a alkaline rich food diet because my mom may have still  been here. 

* What's simple about eating fruits and veggies each meal every day is, it helps you to become more alkaline. A more Alkaline body may mean a more illness free body!
*What is inspirational about this post?  I'm giving small easy to digest useful information you can immediately go out and apply to your life! 

 Do you eat a alkaline diet? If you do would you share a quick tip on it with me in the comments below?

Don't live in regrets, live and act with love.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pill Pack- East Coast Smarts Put to Use

Cool stuff happens in New England
By now you know I am originally from the EC(east coast for those who don't know).  I love the New England ocean that comes almost near my door and the diverse population yep- I miss it. I came across a website that offers a pretty cool service and thought since this company is based in New England I wanted to give you a heads up on it.

No more waiting around, no more confusing bottles to read
It's called Pill Pack. They deliver meds to any door. The name sounds as simplified as the service.  One of the founders is a second generation Pharmacist and the other founder is a MIT geek. Awesome, I love geeks! I was so impressed with this service, I wanted to yell from the roof tops- " A solution exists!"
My husband's biological mom and the other woman he considers his "real hands on mom" both are aging with chronic health issues and this service needed a accolade from way over here at simple inspiration blog. I adore anything so helpful across any age, income and ethnic background. Applaud please... read up how anyone can get this streamlined service at home and it's billed via medical coverage just as it is in stores across America or watch the Video .

Do you know someone any age who could benefit from a service like Pill Pack? Let me know by leaving a comment like" My____________ could use this service because________________!



disclaimer: I have not been paid by this company to post this. However any links provided may allow a small amount of monetary reward to keep this blog functioning and improving. I only post links to services and products I either have tried, believe in or simply think it's a very cool concept.

I Couldn't Wait to Share This- Valentia Coupon Code 20% Off


Valentia has offered a special coupon code for their awesome serum that I reviewed a few weeks back. If you wanted a second chance to try it with yet another discount code to boot- here you are.
I would be sure to follow the instructions to the letter on this one.
No matter what, please follow these instructions 
EXACTLY as they are stated below. Thank you.)


1) Go to

2) Search for “organic vitamin c serum”

3) We are on page 1 (very easy to find)

Look for and click on our listing (screenshot below): 

4) When you get to our listing, please ADD US TO YOUR WISH LIST first. 

5) Then ADD TO CART and use the coupon code: SLUQ239I


If you have any issues with the code- please alert me immediately and I will happily look into it for you!
****UPDATE; I realized I placed a 30% coupon code in my blog post. THAT was totally my error. All readers receive a 20% discount off the serum. I apologize for this sleepy mistake on my posting!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving From Rural to Tiny City

I'm moving people- again. So if you are curious about why I haven't been blogging away, I am packing boxes, which is hellish. Don't fear( I can feel the anticipation from here) I shall return with new reviews, chatter and stuff. Read more..


DID I mention, I'm downsizing from a old farmhouse in the country to a in town(rural) small home? Moving all the pets too!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Restorative Anti-aging Creme- A Review

photo credit:
 The Neostrata company is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75.00 and 3 free samples too. If you have tried the restorative creme duo and want more read on... budget Alert: $$!

Now that I have gotten that out of the way you can happily continue- in -the -know.

Honestly, I think i'm tipsy over facial products and these type of of reviews are one of my favorites to do. The face is the easiest part of the body to give yourself a quick pick me up without sinking tons of hours or money into ways to improve it. Let's  look at the pro's and con's of what I found Exuviance can help with.


1.Creamy not greasy formula soaks in without residue
2.Light flowery type of scent
3.Comes with a vitamin C powder as a booster to the creme
4.Seemingly measured, air tight pump is compact
5.Night time restorative creme
6. A small amount goes a long way


1.Scent may be iffy for those with sensitivities to perfume
2.Vitamin C powder can be tricky to dose out- too much can create skin reactions
3.Price point- at $77.00 ( think of it as an investment in your skin)
4. Not organic

Overall, this product is wonderful for those women who have neglected their skin and feel the years are showing through their skin. By using this product nightly- you will notice a improvment in skin firmness and will help diminish dark areas on the face.

This post was brought to you by the makers of Exuviance and powered by Brandbacker, thank you so much for the opportunity to try a full sized sample of Exuviance  to review and share with my readers.

**Exuviance has a $120.00 value and retails for $77.00 on the Exuviance website.  Let me all know if you have used Exuviance by sharing what you know in the comment section below.