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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Quickie Updates and Projects

In case you haven't realized it yet- it's actually summer. I run my fans almost daily, so I know it's summer for sure. All summer means is grilling!(lying) Here are a few products coming next week in the review files.
Photo by Darren Hester

 Good Products and News

I came across this company's website when the owner sent me one of his products to look at and review. I'm impressed with this website for it's culinary tools but also the simplicity of the site and it's overall professional look and feel. The company name is TulasiLeaf. They sell culinary tools such as zesters and other graters and it seems this is their niche. Buying is great when we can use Prime or super shipping to minimize costs on buying at Amazon. What is so special about TulasiLeaf? They offer 100% product Guarantee on everything they sell- I love that! When you buy on Tulasi Leaf- please tell them sent you. Also, I have been pinning(Pintrest) so much this week- join me. I totally love pinning- send me a pin!


Two reviews, one is for Coco-Amo conditioner, the other is Organic Health's Vitamin C Facial Serum! Coco Amo people seem to have pretty social staff in their marketing department. This was a total surprise getting a full bottle to sample and review! THANK YOU(big ups) to the Coco Amo people for that, I appreciate you. To my readers, look for this full product review coming up soon(next week). 
More.... I have a few more crafty projects I will be posting on my Guide @ GuideCentral to post. Like this really cute tutorial on no sew curtains ( my fb link friend me!)


Friday, July 4, 2014

Kim Kimble Hair Products- A review

When I uncovered the opportunity to try hair products by Kim Kimble- I applied. I had to because I longed for a good product, not a everyday run of the mill off the shelf product that didn't work on my hair. What's my hair? Dry, damaged, curly and thick. Keep in mind, I'm half Panamanian and half Italian. When I grow my hair out- it's Chaka Khan-ish. You do remember Chaka Khan, don't you??

Here's my review, don't forget to scroll down for the discount codes on Kim Kimble products.

The Silk Slumber Cap

This cap feels luxurious in the hand. It is very well made too. I forgot to take a photo of the packaged slumber cap before I tore into it. While, I loved the feel in hand of the cap- it pinched my skin at the elastic border. Once I was ready to use the cap on my fully roller set head, the cap did not pinch at all. The outside is covered in seemingly quality level black lace(the lace is soft to the touch, not scratchy -indicative of cheap lace) and the inside is silk. The photo above is of the Kim Kimble Slumber Cap showing the outside material and the inside silk lining.
By the way, you don't have to have poofy aloof hair to find a need for this lovely product. If you have dry or breaking hair- this is great for you because you decrease further damage done by hair rubbing against bedding while you sleep. Also, if you style your hair at night and cover it- no muss, no fuss the morning after.

The Silk Rollers

I was going to show you a quick video of my unruly hair(me) being in rollers. I wrestled with my hair and with the idea so, I decided to write the honest review with photos instead.  I found these rollers are very good quality but in order to use them I needed to "stretch" my hair overnight in two pigtails.- that is a lot of work for 98 degree in a non air conditioner home. Again, I have ethnic hair- enough said.

 If you have naturally straight hair each day- these would work straight from a wash. If your hair is super straight you may or may not have a difficult time keeping these securely in your hair. The roller has a foam core surrounded by a cute-as-can-be silk cover. Then the clip secures at one end of the roller. My experience with these is the silky cover is great for thicker,courser hair- I would be curious to learn how a woman with fine,bone straight hair fairs with using these. I'm not saying it can't happen, I just wonder to what degree of easy or difficult you may experience in keeping them secured on your head all night. Also, don't expect to roll hair on these that is much past shoulder length and not too wet either. I don't think these rollers can handle mid back length thick or super wet hair. All in all, I am pleased with the products for my hair.


the Kim Kimble people for allowing me the opportunity to try these products out and review them, I was so excited to try them.

READERS SHARE LOVE!! A comment makes all this so worth it, and makes me feel less alone in blog world. Even a smiley face in the comments is a perk!


******You have a chance to get your choice of products with a little bit of a discount added to make it even more of a great chance to try your own Kim Kimble Products on your hair.

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*This is a sponsored post, and I am very happy to be included and share my thoughts on these products.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Creating Fourth Of July Kicks on The Cheap

I love to paint. In fact painting and sketching are probably my first loves. I have been drawing and painting since I was eight years old. I wish I could say I attended RISD in Providence Rhode Island, but nope, that boat sailed without me. However, I still have all my appendages and I still got that talent for painting, I just use it much less than I should.(sigh)
I think when artistic people use their true artist talents far less than they originally set out to- the term most use is, "crafty" or, "Artsy"- I'll take that. In the past three days, I made a simple felt American flag on a stick( sounds easy,because it IS fourth grade easy) as well as a much more time consuming artsy project- Fourth of July Kicks...apparently I should just let you see the photos..
Hand Painted Fourth Of July Sneakers- Cheap Thrills
These kicks(sneakers) where an upcycle. Buy used when possible, and test out your skills on the gently used stuff as I did. I wanted to get this posted for readers before the 4th, I still have some touch up on the white topsides. I almost did hearts in lieu of would you do yours?
Want a fee more photos? Go to: 

Friday, June 27, 2014

GMO Bananas

Here I go again.. soap box. I opened my latest Living Maxwell newsletter and I read Bill Gates is putting his big green bucks into GMO's. I am so upset, I could spit. Realistically, it's his money and he is a genius right? Some might say he is a guy with an idea, some knowledge and great timing or, he had all that and knew the right people. I'm going with the second one.
Bill Gates, the one for which we all pay through the nose for "Windows". Whatever. Get this ladies, those pretty sliced bananas you neatly arrange on a perfectly toasted piece of bread with that peanut butter and raisin smiley face, could be GMO.

Genetically Modified Organisms. Those may appear to be a yummy bananas. I don't like it. I don't want my food made in a lab or altered to withstand bugs,drought or famine. I want what God himself created. I won't settle for less, nor should we have to. Take a look at the Living Maxwell write up here.

To the naked eye GMO's look exactly like a everyday grown food however, the real difference is at a cell level. Awhile back, I did read an article from a farmer who placed  his GMO corn seed and his non GMO corn seed in a place were the mice would find it. Turns out even a mouse can tell the difference- the mouse cleaned up on the NON GMO corn and didn't touch the other. Smarter than humans- mice...

*Pss.. I'm working on the font to test the look on the blog- bear with me as I tweak the font and photo sizes.
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