Thursday, April 10, 2014

True You by Janet Jackson - A Book Review

I grew up watching Janet Jackson on television and so when I was checking out some books at the library, I had to add her book True You to my list. I am blown away by her candid and down to earth writing. The book almost made her seem like- one of us. Let's be honest, she isn't one of us. She is a huge entertainer and is no doubt a multi millionaire. So what? book review
As I started reading the book, I was drawn into her, not so much the book just because she wrote this. It was as if she was speaking about my struggles. I believe she offered a nakedness into many women's struggle with weight issues, and owning our own beauty. I immediately knew I would read this to the end. A few pages in, when she talks about being embarrassed when she was told she would need to bind her breasts for the show Good Times. That means at age ten she was made painfully aware of what the world expects in terms of beauty. That resonated with me, because when I was a child, I developed early, I noticed boys paid more attention and I, at first did not know why. Like Janet's book- I was informed way to early about what the world thinks. How many other girls are pushed into viewing themselves remotely?
I could go on and on about the book but I won't. It doesn't need hype. It is poised, real and careful to deliver the truth. The truth is from Janet Jackson's point of view- and it does go beyond race. It is about being a girl, teen, young woman and then into being an adult woman. At one point she conveys that she never put in the hard work into getting her whole self into shape. The whole self part means mind, body and spirit.. Reading the book I  felt like I was witnessing a flower opening up to itself. By reading this book I too, went on this journey with her. I remembered liberating moments in my life in regards to weight, weight management and my relationship to myself and to how others may view the physical self. It also struck a cord of times of self doubt. I can't believe I read this book, all 259 pages in a short afternoon. I admit, somewhere around page 186 the book gets into recipes- which are nice to flip through and find one to like. I  may end up trying the Cauliflower Popcorn on page 241. If I do, I will be sure to post my version of it for you. Do a quick search online and you will see a few cauliflower popcorn recipes that look perfect for a filling and tasty snack. I will say this, the one in the book does use crusty bread done up in the food processor- which sounds like it adds some flair to the recipe. Check out my Pintrest board for more yummy bitz. If you have any yummy bitz to share please share with me in comments or pintrest me!

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