Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Le Labo Shower Gel Mini Review

I was given this little bottle of awesomeness to check it out. The person that gave it to me to try, had not opened the bottle at all. I guess, it was just a hunch, I would fall head over heels in lust for this scented shower gel, soap,shampoo, conditioner and perfume line called Rose 31.
This stuff is a go- and- get- yourself -some- goodness in a bottle. I researched this product- I went even further than that- I emailed the company sales department directly. I immediately wanted to offer this product to my clients exclusively on my site. It's pricey but I find once or twice every six months- a splurge is called for. The size above is a trial size(or the size you would get at any hotel stay). I don't care how you get it, just get some. Ebay has a bunch of this size listed- it would be a great way to "sample" the sample size,and for some of us alittle goes a long way. I tend to savour things. Do you?
I must admit, I did not see anything about organic and if you are scent sensitive you may want to skip this for yourself. However, for anyone else you know may love the woody, msysterious hint of rose in their perfume- this will be a huge hit. The Le Labo store is in NYC, and I do know they have a laundry detergent? This would not be a family size deal though. This is strictly for those of us who can readily afford the 45.00 price tag for 16oz. I could see me buying this once a year and milking it! I would certainly just do sheets and blankets at this price. The scent is unisex- it's spicy, warm notes give the passerby room to pause. Yummy scents included are listed below
* Cedar
 I just wish one wish today- that this screen had skratch and sniff.


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