Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Re- Making of a Rental House

 A tiny peek into my holiday house this week. While you are having a wonderful feast with friends and family- we will be getting a quick bite and painting( in between laying around and playing with our six pets.

It's no secret I owned a few homes in my time. A pretty country house in the woods of Rhode Island and a so called investment property walking distance to water views in Riverside. Both times I should have realized I'm lousy at staying put. I like to move around- freedom. I also had a bad experience with my investment property.

Now, I simply lease rental properties from farm houses to in the town center homes. I also have a natural gravitation toward older homes( don't ask me why) I seem to enjoy making it pretty. Of course that is at the heart of DIY-ers. We like to re cycle items and give new life to things- most of the time. Simple reasons are;

 I won't have a forever stamp on my check book when a monthly lease payment comes around nor do I have the grand homeowners expenses like boilers, roofing problems or zoning/property issues and hefty insurance. I like leasing because I can DIY a lot of things in a leased property-making someone elses property look even better than when I came along. Upping my street cred.

 I started a new project in our small bathroom.

The photo above is of the magic of painters tape and a few contrasting colors I painted on the bathroom wall. I was into it, when I started and then something happened.. I changed my mind!
I am actually in process of redo-ing the redo. Oh, I love paint! It's a beautiful thing. Now to master it!?? I will be posting the updated bathroom look in a bit. For now, don't you have something you can be off- redoing? :)

 Above is another project paint, room. So much for the cute holiday decorations this year- I'm a slave to paint. How do I get away with such wild abandon in painting and refinishing other peoples properties? It's street cred. Also, I'm not a novice, I have been DIY-ing an improving my surroundings for over four years. It helps to be a bit creative and good at it too, of course ultimately I always ask first if an owner might allow me to "upgrade" his/her property. This is common with people who flip houses. They live in the property, repair it and sell it, moving on to the next project or taking a needed break. I currently don't flip houses( but I did work with a private investor years back that taught me about this industry). The value could be raised slightly on properties with beautfications made to it, but moreover it's raising the leasee's comfort level during their stay and creating a inside 'curb appeal' for the owner. The picture also shows an outdated border in which I decided to paint right over. Not so sure this is ideal but we shall see in the final photos coming in the next several weeks.

*** The above picture shows a totally stripped floor using no commercial stripping agent- just a common household staple, elbow grease and a steel wool pad( two or three of them). 

 Have you ever painted a room or furniture in one color or design and stepped back and suddenly changed your mind? 



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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gemstone Love
Photo credit: C.Curtis/Coach Cyndi
The holidays at right at our doors and all I can think about is getting my little hands on some new gems. I have been into gems since I was a kid. Before blue birds( Girl Scouts) my mother could always find me in some nondescript spot. thumbing around through river rocks.  I was naturally drawn to nature as a kid. Today I sort of turned that interest into a career booster. I use gemstones in my personal life- daily. I sleep with a. Geode on my nightstand. I also have over a hundred rock collection. I have gemstones like Amethyst, rose quartz, adventurine and so many more to include what might be construed as normal everyday rocks.

Today I use them for elixirs to mineralize and as a alkalize for common tap water. 
I don't want to bog down this post with a bunch of techy rock lingo, I will say they are extremely natural healing. I'm not one for magnet therapy but I am a user of natural stones/ gemstones that have resonating powers.
Here are a few simple ways to use a Drusy stone, geode, natural stone or gemstone to help the body to repair or rejuvenate.

* Take one half gallon of ordinary tap water. Place two or three clear ( quartz  ) stones in it and cover water container on counter for 12-24 hours.  Thus will energize the water. Stones are known to alkalize water. There are negative ions and positive ions- real crystals naturally impart a life force to water.

*Use gemstones in bath water to help draw impurities out of the water( and the skin). In a warm bath gently drop 4-6 palm sized gemstones or rocks ( geodes too) into the water. Soak for 30-45 minutes( or until water is not warm enough any longer. This will absorb unhealthy energies in the meridians, cleanse the water by acting as a "magnet" for stresses. The water will have a slightly alkalising if the stones are large enough. You may also use a cup of Epsom salts to add to the mineralisation effects.

* Draw a tub of hot as you can stand it bath water. Allow it to sit for several minutes before you get in. Before getting in, place a large stone/ geode into the
 Water- get in as usual. Remove the stone after 10-15 minutes. Use a palm full of Moor Mud( if you don't know which mudd is truly moor mud.let me know I supply it on my holistic site). Place no less than a palm size or 1/2 cup of the mud in the bath. This is relaxing and soothing to the body as you should feel relaxed but re energized. Rest right after this bath. No electronic devices for the night. Ideally,do this before bed.

You can find a world of reliable information on the properties of stones. You may even come across a few people who utilize stones in their lives. I am one of those people. I have been using my stones for years doing some of these same uses above..
My all time go to for insomnia? I take a jade stone, amethyst or adventurine always palm size or slightly smaller and lay prone. I hold one stone in each hand down by my sides. I may also place one stone on a burdensome part of my body, like my forehead( for headaches or because I can't shut off my running to- do list). I make a choice to allow the stones to guide me to a point in which I reach clearer head. I usually drift to sleep and I didn't even know what hit me.
One word of advice here - there are fake stones out there. Also stones that are artificially dyed, heated or treated in some way. These stones should be avoided if possible. They will not give the benefits of 100% authentic gems and stones( to include geodes) and should be avoided.
As a Holistic Coach specializing in Karmic Coaching I believe alternative remedies can have a huge impact on the little things. I like simple and I love things that give inspiration.


In the months to come I will be hosting a page here dedicated to products I use faithfully and I know have worked for me- and here is the bonus- I will be providing discounts and some freebies to a few lucky people so look for those contests on the contest page here on the blog as well.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gummy Bears and Fruit

Pintrest Fan?

Have we bumped into each other on Pintrest lately? If not hurry up because I am looking for a Thanksgiving short cut or a big turkey recipe that makes me want to RUN out and buy a big bird and slave over it all day.I don't have an instagram account but I am crazy over Pintrest.  Where else can I pin cat memes and recipes all in one place and then send it to my daughter with a note attached?? Hurry Pintrest with me now. Now what do gummy bears, a juicy piece of meat or fruit have in common? Answer: they all go tumbling down into the gut and yet they are not all beneficial to it.

Belly Detox

Did I mention to you that I am on my fifth day of my simple belly(gut) detox. Now, I am not testifying to any weight loss(yet) but I am saying- mama, I like it. Just pop over and see the quickie tutorial. Nothing foo-foo here, just two cloves a day for 10 days. That famous Television doc had me so inspired to do this but what really grabbed my attention on this topic was a few Youtube Vids. Yep I was totally ready to dive into any gut remedy that was presented to me. Who said fear isn't a great motivator? I will say, at about day 3 of the remedy I started to experience less stomach bloat and some very real bowel movements. I did not stop eating meats entirely- I ate much less meats( probably 1-4 ounces at two meals) and the double the veggie intake. I pretty much had 2 -5 ounces of veggies at each meal x's two. Other ways to get that gut flora in order is with teas, tumeric or papaya seeds and honey. I haven't tried that yet but I'm thinking it may be much milder in general. I'm happy with the garlic gut detox.. it's just very peppery going down.

Sharing is caring

While surfing Doc Oz's website, I noticed he has another business outlet called ShareCare. I was curious so I clicked and clicked away. I was whisked off to his other site- apparently he does more than just heart surgeries. He is everywhere. This site(sharecare) offers real age solutions for almost every aspect of a persons life. Can you say'cha-ching'?

Well I am back to surfing for more eyebrow raising things and to eat my citrus too. Thanks for peeking into this post and let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below or on my Facebook page but make sure you like or friend me first!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pennies and The DIY

Here is another quickie.. Ahem DIY! Go from five easy to find items to a unique candle holder for the holidays. Check  out just how easy it is.


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Friday, November 14, 2014

A Easy Thanksgiving Wreath

                            Hi everyone, I have been DIYing like crazy and wanted to share this easy wreath idea with you. You won't need much to get this started either. Grab a crochet ring, some inexpensive fabric/ acrylic paints and clothesline pins and woot- woot-you have yourself a quick and pretty wreath. Take a peek If you made your own wreath too leave me a comment about it!
By the way, I'm posting bedside today.. I'll be back posting from my trusty laptop soon enough!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Why Choose Soy Candles?

I have never tried a soy candle.- until now. I have heard other people stating all the reasons why soy is good in the world of candles. Soy is a vegatable wax made from soybeans. 

Old Factory Candles have self trimming cotton wicks and premium fragrance oils.
This cute gift set comes in themed scents and burns for up to 20 hours, the set I tested was called Fall Harvest. The candles in this gift set are: Pumpkin Spice, Autumn leaves and Cranberry. My favorite out of this set was cranberry. There is so many scents to choose from. What's nice is these candles are hand poured in the USA and they are available on Amazon for purchase.

Here is a gift for my friends on FB and here on the blog- A FREE GIFT SET for one lucky person.  Claim your chance to win by stopping by and like my facebook page. Look for the OLD FACTORY CONTEST POST and go ahead and  post a " me" in the post and your entered to win a 3 candle gift set. Have you ever tried soy candles vs. paraffin ones? What is your favorite scents?

 This post is sponsored by: Old Factory Candle

STANDARD DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog. Please note, I only ever endorse products that are in alignment good ideals or, I believe would be of value to my readers.